Ms Ottilie Laan LL.M

Lawyer in construction and real estate law

Ottilie is an experienced construction and real estate lawyer specialising in complex agreements for projects and transactions in the areas of:

  • Construction law: infrastructure, non-residential construction, land, civil engineering
  • PPP and area development: PPP, joint ventures, DBFM(O) and project financing
  • Renewable energy: solar energy (ground- and roof-bound solar parks)
  • Real estate law: sale, rental and general real estate law

She studied civil law at the University of Leiden. Ottilie has been working as a lawyer and corporate lawyer since 2000. Ottilie was an attorney at Stibbe from 2000 to 2004. From 2004 to 2007 she was a corporate lawyer at Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten (BNG). Since 2007 she has been practicing at niche law firms specialising in construction and real estate law. Ottilie is a trusted adviser in construction and real estate disputes.

Her working method is distinguished by her practical approach with a focus on whats best for project, anticipating and solving problems to minimise conflicts, and preventing costs of failure in combination with thorough legal advice.

Her clients include medium-sized and large contractors, semi-public authorities, banks, project developers, architects, builders and consultants. Ottilie is a member of the Construction Lawyers Association. In 2005 she completed the course in public construction law at the Institute for Construction Law. She also completed the “Grotius” post-graduate course “Real Estate” in 2006.


Ottilie is regularly published in magazines such as the Tijdschrift Bouwrecht and the Tijdschrift voor Vastgoedrecht. She regularly leads client seminars on construction and real estate related subjects, including the upcoming Act on Quality Assurance for Construction (“Wet Kwaliteitsborging voor het bouwen”). Ottilie blogs in a personal capacity on construction and real estate-related topics on

Languages: Dutch and English