Commercial and corporate law

Commercial and corporate law is understood to mean the law applicable to partnerships, such as the partnership, the general partnership and limited partnership, and the legal entities, such as the B.V., the N.V. and the foundation.

Bavelaar Advocaten is happy to advise you on setting up the right structure for your business, in consultation as needed with tax specialists and across borders. We can also advise you on the most suitable legal form for your German subsidiary.

We work closely together with Dutch and German notaries, so that we can also assist you quickly and qualitatively in setting up legal entities, such as B.V.s, N.V.s, GmbHs and AGs.

Dutch and German commercial and corporate law is increasingly influenced by European regulations, which lead to an increasing streamlining of the national laws of EC member states in certain areas. For lawyers who work across borders, it is essential to know the differences between the national legal systems and not easily assume that Dutch law corresponds with foreign law. In that respect too, you can rely on Bavelaar Advocaten.

Group law is the law applicable to a group of companies which – while retaining their legal independence – function as a single entity in economic terms. Bavelaar Advocaten can also advise on matters pertaining to group law, whether governed by Dutck or German legislation.