Environment and surroundings

Our office offers high-quality services in the field of environmental law.

For example, we deal with all aspects of spatial planning, such as zoning plans and environmental permits for construction. We also have experience dealing with other administrative permissions, such as those required for building projects and realisations. Thorough knowledge of nature conservation law is also important here, including a required nature permit for construction activities or activities within an environmental organisation and the impact on a Natura 2000 area, for example.

In addition, our office deals with a wide range of subjects within environmental law, such as the procedure for issuing environmental permits and providing advice during this process.

Our environmental law expertise covers a broad area, ranging from safety and light to the European Substances Regulation (REACH).

For these matters, we act on behalf of companies and government bodies and assist clients in both administrative and civil cases relating to the environment and the surrounding area.