Mergers & acquisitions

Our lawyers have gained extensive experience in assisting in the purchase or sale of companies. We have conducted numerous negotiations, drafted and reviewed many contracts, while our clients are often only confronted with a merger or acquisition once or twice in their careers. The experience of our lawyers therefore provides you with more than just legal guidance. An essential part of the work Bavelaar Advocaten involves conducting due diligence. A thorough due diligence (business research) is crucial when buying or selling a company. A due diligence provides insight into the position of the company in question, which forms the basis for a thorough determination of the acquisition price and the guarantees and indemnities to be included in the purchase agreement.

We provide our legal support from a multidisciplinary framework. For example, we realise that in addition to a legal due diligence investigation, a financial and tax due diligence investigation is also indispensable. Thanks to our many years of intensive collaboration with a wide range of parties, our lawyers communicate efficiently with other advisers involved.

Moreover, we realise that achieving success in negotiations not only requires thorough legal knowledge but also sufficient insight into its dynamics. Since our lawyers have been involved in numerous takeovers, we are able to assist you efficiently in negotiations.