Litigation practice

Our aim is to prevent and resolve disputes. Nevertheless, (legal) procedures are sometimes unavoidable. In such cases, too, we are happy to offer you support. We litigate in all areas of law on which we also provide advice. This applies to both the civil courts and arbitration.

Our lawyers regularly engage in legal proceedings on the following subjects:

  • Corporate litigation, such as aborted negotiations, guarantee claims, shareholder disputes, disputes between directors and shareholders, inquiry procedures and participation;
  • Directors’ liability and liability of parent companies for the debts of subsidiaries;
  • National and international trade disputes (commercial litigation), such as disputes over purchase and sales agreements, joint venture agreements, agency and distribution agreements, cooperation agreements, franchise agreements and general terms and conditions;
  • Liability issues, such as, for example, tort actions and property and personal injury;
  • Disputes over real estate, construction, procurement, expropriation and rental matters;
  • Employment disputes;
  • Collections, enforcement of securities and insolvency proceedings.

We carry out these procedures for you in the Netherlands and Germany.